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Ganesh Chaturthi

9 September @ 11:30 pm - 10 September @ 3:30 pm

Ganesh Chaturthi at Shree Ayyappa Temple, Jaipur

It is believed that on Ganesa Chaturthi day, considered to be the most auspicious day for Lord Ganesa, if one were to pray to HIM sincerely, He would remove all our obstacles.

One of the main purposes of the Chaturthi nine day celebrations is to give an extra boost of divine energy/sakti to Sri Maha Vallabha Ganapati. Activities like performance of rituals, chanting of mantras etc. infuse the Deity with divine šakti; and the more these are done, the more the Deity is charged with divine energy, which can be tapped by devotees as needed. Each mantra invokes the šakti of its related form, along with its related personalities and capacities. The vibrations created from the chanting of mantras bring about positive changes to both the chanter and the listener.

Keeping in mind the diverse ways in which people worship HIM, our wise sages have built in different rituals into our religion, thereby providing something of interest for everyone to participate in and connect with divine powers, which is the ultimate aim of all rituals. Whether one participates in the repetitive chanting of the mantras (japa), feasts his/her eyes on the holy bath (abhishekam) being offered or on the special decoration (alankãram) of the day, dances along with the prãkãra utsavam or the chariot (ratha yãtra), sings devotional songs (bhajans), serves fellow-devotees in numerous ways as opportunities present themselves in our Temple or just enjoys the melodious music of the nãgaswaram, all these different avenues lead us to the same goal – arresting the agitations of our mind and deriving serenity while focusing on Lord Ganesa.

Please come in large numbers and participate in any activity that interests you and enjoy your connection with Lord Ganesa.


9 September @ 11:30 pm
10 September @ 3:30 pm


Shree Ayyappa Temple
+91 (946) 032-6886


Shree Ayyappa Temple Mandir Marg, Mahaveer Nagar-I, Gopalpura, Tonk Road,
Jaipur, Rajasthana 302018 India
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+91 (946) 032-6886