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Brahmashree Akkirama kalidasa Bhattathiripad

Brahmashree Akkirama Kalidasa Bhattathiripad​
Brahmashree Akkirama Kalidasa Bhattathiripad​

Kuzhikkattillom has been traditionally dealing with Tantric activities at over 600 temples in kerala. As of now, under the current Tantri Akkeeraman Kalidasan Bhattathirippad has been risen to over 1000 temples.

According to Parashurama Kalpatham, Kuzhikkattillom is one among the primary illoms. It also finds mentioned in thanthrashasthram as one among the 12 ancient tantric families. Kuzhikkattillom has the authority of practicing both Manthras and Thanthras.Right from the reign of King of the Irackal Kovilakam has been performing tantric rituals in 14 temples including Nadaykavu.

Thiruvaranmula Thrikkurutti Mahadeva Temple, Thiruvazhappalli Mahadeva Temple, Sreevallabha Temple etc are the significant Tantric temples under Kuzhikkattillom. It does several ritual activities. A school used to function opposite the Illom. Now it is known as Kavumbhagam Devaswam Board School. The illom was also known for its knowledge. Kuzhikkattillom who had their expertise in Vaidhyam, Jyothisham, Mantras and Thantras. It sill maintains a foothold in these areas. The current head of Kuzhikkattillom, Brahma Sree Akkeeraman Kalidasan Bhattathirippad sees this as a blessing of ancestors.