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the way, the light and the destination KNOW MORE Ayyappa Shree Ayyappa Temple Know More Voyage to oneself is the voyage to the Source “Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya
Mruthiorma Amrutham Gamaya”
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Temple Opening and Closing timing​

Morning 6:00 AM - 09:45 AM | Evening 05:30 PM - 8:30 PM​

Pathinettam Padi

The eighteen steps symbolize the eighteen bondages of life. 41 day’s penance is the practice of overcoming the 18 bondages. One is believed to be elevated to the supreme source through this.

18 bondages

The five human senses (Eye,ear,nose,skin and mouth) Eight “Ashtaragas” Kama(Desire), Krodha(Anger), Lobha(Inordinate Desire), Moha(Attatchment), Madha(Pride), Matsarya(Unhealthy Competation), Asuya(Jelous) and Dhumb(Braggy) the ‘Trigunas’ Sathwa, Rajas Thamo guna, and the Vidya and Avidya (Knowldge and Ignorance) Are the Eighteen steps to conquer.

Delights of life

Celebrate the life by attaining the fullness

Attain the fullness of life through purifying oneself through practicing the inclusiveness and compassion.​

Panthrandu Vilakku

“Panthrandu vilakku” is being observed in temples with great fervour and enthusiasm to commemorate the ‘Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu’. The first avatar was ‘Matsya’ or the ‘fish’ from the satya yuga. Lord Vishnu took the form of a fish. To save the earth from the Apocalypse, He took his boat to the new world along with one of every species of plant and animal. The second incarnation of Vishnu was Koorma or Tortoise.

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